Stick a Bush

All breeze don't blow the same direction
Where the river run once it will run twice
Where ants find fat there him clone
Sun rises from the east - down in the west
Every hoe ha dem stick a bush!

Vocals/Git: Benjamin Porsch
Git: Simon Cremer
Keys: Lucas Ramamonjisoa
Sax: Nikolaus Holler
Bone: Valentin Günther
Bass: David Ambrosch
Drums: Matti Felber


Elinor ist neu in der Stadt.
Elinor ist wasserscheu und bekommt leicht Schnupfen.

Elinor komponiert.
Elinor improvisiert.
Elinor observiert.

Elinor steht auf Detektive und „The Police“.

Niklouds Brotherhood

Niklouds Brotherhood is a brandnew formation led by the Styrian musician Nikolaus Holler.
After spending some years in a random universe called KUG institute 8 he decided to take out some of his closer friends to make music on planet Earth together.
The five equally charming young men collected loads of historic, technical and theoretical wisdom in this outer space, mixed it up with their feeling for rhythm, creativity and emotion and created an original compromise between harmony, melody and conversation.

Moped Loewen Jazz-Rock Orchestra

The Moped Loewen Jazz Orchestra is a brandnew brainchild by saxophonist/composer Dániel Varga. He arranged tunes of guitarist Piotr Lipowicz and hisself, which were heard only as sweetest but heaviest small ensemble music. Together with Matheus Jardim on drums, Ivar Križić on bass and freshly with Fabian Supancic on Hammond and Lesley, they are the Moped Loewen ::--->

But for this one they grew to be the MOPED LOEWEN JAZZ-ROCK ORCHESTRA !!¡¡!!

Jatobá Big Band

Jatobá Big Band is a Jazz Orchestra with a Brazilian rhythm section and an international horn section based in Austria. The Orchestra was founded in 2012 and will release its first album in 2017. We are currently post-producing our first album, 8 tracks - around 50 minutes of original Big Band music, all under the direction/production of guitarist, composer and arranger Marco Antonio da Costa. See more informations at our Crowdfunding site.

ÈKÓ Graz Collective

Brasilian Afrobeat!

The Riverside Big Band

Eine im Jahr 2016 gegründete Big Band mit dem Ziel, vorwiegend Musikerinnen und Musiker aus dem Süd-Oststeirischen Raum in einer Band zu versammeln.


Marthinik's Garden

Let’s turn back in the calendar. The end of 2014 is gone, the begin of 2015 as well as a new project is on. An utopic idea by drummer Matheus Jardim (BRA) and saxophonist Nikolaus Holler (AUT) seems to got kissed awake by the reality over night.
Indeed - just a few days later pianist Thilo Seevers (GER) and bassist Marijn Van de Ven (NED) are joining the band. As a part of the so-called utopic idea the international quartet has been spread over three airplanes, heading to Natal, Brasil.
The conglomerat of these four sound chamaleons, doesn’t like (musical) boarders. After a brasil tour, bigger and more intimate concerts, a band-workshop and a gig on a radio the quartet grew together to one soul, one brain, one heart and invites the audience’s imagination to a dance of emotions and all kind of energies.

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background photo by Fabian Paier