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Mo., 20. Sep.


The artist's voice

Interview with Petra Sittig

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Interview with Petra Sittig

Zeit & Ort

20. Sep. 2021, 16:00

The artist's voice

Über die Veranstaltung

Description Moments in Lockdown  What initially started as a modest photographic project-  simply wanting to uplift Artists, by photographing them in their windows from a street angle - very quickly became a much more significant and symbolic message.  What has struck me the most, is the sheer determination and undying passion for their Art and their optimism despite the current uncertainties and ongoing lockdowns.  I have heard numerous stories  of cancelled concerts, productions and consequently, significant loss of income. Nevertheless, their willingness to pursue their artistic careers has inspired a whole new wave of creativity and creating opportunities within harsh restrictions.  My aim is to raise awareness of all the artists and to remind society of the importance of the Arts.  Their positive energy and their passion for life and their Art, is unavoidably contagious.  I want to give them a ‘bigger frame’ and a larger platform, for their talents to be recognised and appreciated.

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